> hello,
> Anyone know of any bugs when running (or trying to run) squirrelmail off a freebsd
> box? Coz I have been trying to do this for a while now with appaling results....
> timeouts, php related errors like maximum execution time exceeded, very slow 
> and it seems that it cannot handle loads like lots of mail in the mailbox etc.
> If someone has used squirrelmail successfully on freebsd, I'd please like to know 
> configuration you are using, eg what imap server, what mail formats etc, Thanx in
> advance.
I've been using Squirrelmail 1.2.9 on my system for about a week now.  It was built 
ports & apart from a few teething troubles, parltly caused by my lack of knowledge I'm
having a great time with it.  My system comprises -

Sendmail 8.12.6 (built from source)
IMAP-UW 2002a (built from source)
Apache13-modssl 1.3.27 (built from ports)
PHP 4.2.3 (built from ports)

Don't know too much about mail formats, I just created a 'mail' dir in my home 
& altered IMAP-UW to use that before compiling (instructions on IMAP-UW site I think).

For the slow response with many mails, you might try -
cd /usr/local/squirrelmail
Select option 4 'General Options'
Set options 11 & 12 to 'true'

Hope this helps a bit

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