You'll do best to select your individual hardware and then shop for it one at a time, searching for the best prices.

You can select motherboards at the manufacturer's websites. You will get better performance with RAID build on the motherboard. Newer motherboards also support SATA-300, so you will want drives in that speed too (most 300 GB and larger are available in SATA-300.) New motherboards will also support dual core CPU's which are now the same price as hyperthreaded single core CPU's. These motherboards will also support faster DDR2 RAM.

Rack cases cost more, but get a good brand that supports different cooling options and quieter operation on the larger 3U and 4U models.

You may want to use a couple shopping bots to help find the best prices once you have your shopping list complete.


At 09:16 AM 4/18/2006, Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
>From what I'm seeing , as far as pricing,  a decent case is running about
150, cpu/mobo combo 250,  add  memory (150) , a pair of sata drives (120),
and pci raid (40) ,  and I'm  approaching 700 dollars. It *seems*  (correct
me if I'm wrong, or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places) these tigerdirect
specials for 600+ dollars  would be the most effective/


From: Derek Ragona [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 9:44 AM
To: Jean-Paul Natola; Richard Collyer;
Subject: RE: server hardware

Data centers charge for space in rack units per month.  So a 2 unit case is
more rental than a one unit model.

If you want to build it yourself, which will be most cost effective, and rack
space rental cost is not an issue, I would suggest getting a 3 unit case.  A
three unit case will take any motherboard and CPU.  Smaller 1 unit and 2 unit
cases are constricted by their size and heat dissipation and usually are
limited to only certain motherboard and CPU combinations.  Also depending on
what type of hard drive system you want (RAID, or just a drive or two) the
larger cases are more flexible.


At 08:25 AM 4/18/2006, Jean-Paul Natola wrote:

The box that currently runs is an old dimension, 400 mhz mirrored IDE 256
ram, so anything / everything out there on the market  will be improvement,
as far as putting it together I can most certainly do it,  if it will be
cost-effective, plus I love the thought of it.

I'm not following you entirely on the " pay more for rental but less for the
box" , can you elaborate a bit on that?

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From: Richard Collyer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Monday, April 17, 2006 4:57 PM
To: Jean-Paul Natola;
Subject: Re: server hardware

Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking to move my bsd box to a 1u rack (running out of room under the
> desk)
> The least expensive one I came across at dell is 900, can someone suggest ,
> more cost effective alternative?

Cost. Specs needed parts you can put in yourself. Need more info.

Why not go 2U and pay more for rental but less for the box and
equipment. You can always check on ebay for 1u cases on the cheap.

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