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Hallo !

I'm sure there is some info on this, but I can't seem to find it.

I guess what I'm looking for is the "FreeBSD Clustering for Dummies"

Dummies aren't qualified to set up a cluster, I'm afraid.

You should start by determining what services the system needs to provide, what kind of reliability and uptime is desired, and what the budget is for hardware and software. If the budget is less than mid 5-digits (compare to low-to-mid 6-digits if doing Windows, say a clustered SQLServer solution), you aren't going to be able to configure a "true cluster" [1] with no single point of failure.


[1]: Most people don't realize that the Microsoft cluster solutionsrequires both a separate machine from the clustered servers as a domain controller to manage the cluser, *and* it requires a highly reliable NAS or SAN backend filestorage being available, which is absolutely vital to the cluster staying sane.
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