Yesterday I upgraded a 5.1 system to 5.4. I then cvsuped the ports tree and
rebuilt Postfix from mail/postfix.

I am having problems with spawn and pipe. Spawn complains

postfix/spawn[36315]: fatal: unknown user name: nobody

although nobody is a user on the system. Changing the the user in does
not improve things.

Pipe complains

postfix/pipe[38272]: fatal: invalid option: ?

I've asked the question on the postfix-users list, and with respect to the pipe
problem Wietse has responded:

"> postfix/pipe[38272]: fatal: invalid option: ?

You built Postfix with the GNU version of the getopt()
system routine. That version is not compatible with
the FreeBSD getopt() system routine.

To build Postfix on FreeBSD you MUST USE the FreeBSD
getopt() system routine, not the GNU version."

Is this likely to be the case if I installed from the port? If so, how do I get
around it? And any suggestions about spawn?

Chris Hastie
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