I am having problems installing Gnome GUI, I have Xorg working, and I have read 
many install instructions to get the Gnome GUI up and running. My problem is 
this: I am installing onto a small partition (roughly 2.5 gig) with the add_pkg 
-r gnome2 command to download the packets. By about what seems 3/4 the way 
through, my hdd is full and theres no way this option is open to me. I have 
tried copying all the packages across from FreeBSD 6 cd 2 across to my hdd but 
the 'make' command doesnt work, which im guessing is due to the fact there is 
no .tar.gz file to build from?

My question is, how can I install this GUI, or will it be easier to install an 
alternative with less graphics and tag along programs?
I'm essentially getting a GUI going due to the fact I'm new to Unix as a whole 
and would be good to assist learning of the OS and the shell. Due to this, 
something like a windows clone Gnome or KDE may be good, but I'm just as 
willing to have to learn to use a good GUI that isnt windows clone.

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