On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 09:40:48PM +0000, Stacey Roberts wrote:
> I had a look at the attachment, but could see anything (to my eyes) that
> look untoward in there, except the fact that you've got "maxusers" set
> to 0. This value tells the kernel how many "new file / processes can be
> opened. 
> This definitely should be higher, probably somewhere around 132.
> What does /var/log/messages & /var/log/security say whenever you try to
> access a remote host, or ping the local machine. If it were a firewall
> issue the attempts would have been logged there.
> Bump maxuers to 132 asap, and try seeing if anything gets logged when
> testing later.

This from LINT:

# The `maxusers' parameter controls the static sizing of a number of
# internal system tables by a formula defined in subr_param.c.  Setting
# maxusers to 0 will cause the system to auto-size based on physical
# memory.

It seems to work pretty well on any and every box I have ever built, so
unless your system has trouble determining the availalbe physical memory,
my guess is you can just leave it as is.  I am no kernel expert, mind,
but I don't think fiddling with this setting while trying to fix another
problem will help matters.


Daniel Bye

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