Duane Whitty wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm contemplating installing GNOME .  I am currently
using KDE.  Does anyone know of any issues I should
be aware of before I proceed.  I'm mostly concerned
about dependency issues, especially wtih respect to the
xorg clients and firefox.

Essentially I would like to be able to choose which
environment I am going to run on a per-session basis.
Any hints, pointer, RTFMs, would be greatly appreciated.

I just switched from Gnome to KDE because I had to many problems with Gnome. KDE is a much more finished product (IMNSHO) and it's much easier to work with regarding adding new menus, printer configuration and other things that are the real reason you have a desktop.

Gnome requires dbus and seems to have problems connecting to it at times. Gnome updates are also a royal PITA (keep in mind, I haven't done a KDE update yet), and I got tired of having to run and rerun the updates to try and get everything working right again. It also generates a bunch of errors that I was never able to successfully eradicate, some of which make no sense.

Gnome is "prettier" (IMNSHO), but pretty is secondary to functionality, and KDE has Gnome beat hands down in that category.

Don't shoot - just one man's opinion.

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