Perhaps I should be more clear.  Is there anyone reading
who currently has KDE 3.5.x and GNOME 2.12.x installed
concurrently on their systems?  Did you experience installation
problems with respect to dependencies?   Are you able to choose
between running KDE and GNOME as simply as by running
startkde or startgnome (or whatever the start gnome command is)?

I like KDE and some of its applications and I don't necessarily wish
to switch to using something else exclusively.  I have many good
things about GNOME and would like to try it out.  I want to be able
to switch back-and-forth whenever I want.  Has anyone else tried this?

Thanks for your responses.


Duane Whitty

I have both installed on a 6.0 box, had no real problems with dependencies that I can recall. I use KDM to switch between the two.

Greg Groth
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