It's a known problem.

Use mail/postfix-policyd-spf instead of SPF patch.


Paul Schmehl wrote:
> I'm forwarding this to the ports list.  Obviously someone needs to look
> in to the libspfs port and fix the problem with it.
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> Subject: Re: Problems with Postfix port
> Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 20:57:55 +0100
> From: Chris Hastie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> References: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Paul Schmehl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote
>> Kevin Kinsey wrote:
>>>> To build Postfix on FreeBSD you MUST USE the FreeBSD
>>>> getopt() system routine, not the GNU version."
>>>> Is this likely to be the case if I installed from the port? If so,
>>>> how  do I get
>>>> around it? And any suggestions about spawn?
>>>> Thanks
>>>  It doesn't seem likely to me that this is the problem,
>> To me either.  I ran into a problem a while back with Postfix, and
>> that's the same answer they gave me.  It turned out to be a problem
>> with SPF.  Once I deselected that, postfix compiled fine.
> Ah, I think they are connected. I had a response off list that suggested
> makefile. A google on this led me to a suggestion from Wietse that this
> hack is unnecessary and "Perhaps you linked Postfix with some
> third-party library (SSL? SASL? SQL?) that includes its own
> brain-damaged getopt() routine."
> Digging a bit deeper, I spotted a suggestion that SPF might be that
> third-party library, so recompiled without that option and bingo! It all
> works again.

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