> I have a FreeBSD 6-current build from almost the most recent source.
> I have installed mysql41-server port and observed a strange behaviour:
> as usual, I only have to put the mysqld_enable="yes" in my
> /etc/rc.conf to have mysql server started at boot, but this time it
> did not work. I've checked the script mode and it was OK, just like
> other scripts in there, and like the Apache starter script that worked
> fine and after i put enable_apache="YES" in rc.conf.
> The only difference between mysql server starter script and others was
> the missing ".sh" suffix. After I renamed mysql-server to
> mysql-server.sh everything worked fine.
> Is that OK?

It should be okay.  It changes the way that the script is called a bit
(details in "man rc"), but start and stop should be fine.  Just be
careful when you upgrade.
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