On Wednesday 19 April 2006 16:46, boy red wrote:
> i have so far installed freeBSD OS and set up the
> accounts but im having some problems. it just takes me
> 2 a black DOS type screen and i dont know how 2 get
> in. by getting in i mean that it doesnt take me to the
> place where i actually start using the computer.
> please help.

It sounds like everything has gone well so far, and that you are booting into 
a shell (command line interface). You ARE 'in' at this point. Where you go 
from there depends on how you intend to use the computer.

You'll probably want to read the Handbook for further information. Here are a 
few chapters that will likely be helpful for you starting out:

UNIX Basics: 

Installing Applications: 

Setting up a graphical user interface:

FreeBSD is going to give you a lot of choices in how you do things from this 
point on. (And honestly, up to this point as well ;) Which choices you make 
will depend on your personal preferences, what you want the machine to do for 
you, and how you want it do do those things.

For all of these, the Handbook is your first and best resource.If you get lost 
along the way, this list isn't a bad place to ask for clarification.

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