Matthew Seaman wrote:

Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:
Anyone here who are interested in taking up bsd certifications?? the says they are not affiliated with I'm confused which one should I pick?? Any idea?
I am particularly interested in having a  FreeBSD certification..

Well, let me put it this way: is run by a number of
people well known in the *BSD world as making a valuable contribution to
{Free,Open,Net,Dragonfly}BSD and others.

If you look at the list of names in the left hand column on this page:

then with particular reference to FreeBSD you may well recognise:

   Dan Lagille   (Freshports, BSD Diary)

"Langille", actually --- and you forgot "BSDCan".

   Scott Long    (leading FreeBSD committer: wrote large chunks of SCSI
                  system I believe)

   Dru Lavigne   (Wrote 'BSD Hacks' and 'Big Scarey Daemons' OnLamp column)

   Wes Peters    (Another leading FreeBSD committer)

I couldn't find a good home page for Wes, but agree
with Matt's evaluation.  Wes is a member of FreeBSD
core team, last I recall, as well.  Perhaps someone knows
his URI.

   Jeremy C Reed (Leading FreeBSD Advocacy person)

   Greg Lehey    (Author of 'The Complete BSD'. Former member of core@,
                  well known on this list)
   (from memory, heh.  Seriously, fascinating collection of material ---
       the web would be a much worse place if disaster struck and
       Greg had no backups).

   Marshall Kirk McKusick  (co-author of 'The Design and Implementation
                 of the FreeBSD Operating System')

The other site you mention, "" is run by
Jared Barneck, according to whois.  His home page is
at  In 4+ years in FreeBSD, I've
not heard of Jared; that is not to say he should be disqualified
from consideration---it's possible that he runs a fine program.

However, I *have* had dealings with all of the others
above except Mr. Peters, and have found them knowledgeable,
friendly, and deeply concerned about the quality and growth
of FreeBSD.


Kevin Kinsey

Cole's Law:
        Thinly sliced cabbage.

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