Kevin Kinsey wrote:

David Banning wrote:

I am interested in setting up my ftp server so that users can login
to their directories and drag files from one sub-directory into another.

I am now using ProFTPd. Users are permitted to login to their directories using the ftp built into IE, and drag files onto their desktop and back again. They can create files and erase files on the ftp server.

I have not figured out how, or if it is possible to cut and paste files
from one sub-directory to another. Using IE remotely through ftp
you can cut a file, but once in another directory the paste is not

Where I am going with this is that sales people want to save and access
each other's word and excel files on the server from a laptop, over the net.

Sounds (perhaps) more like a job for Samba than FTP.

I'd agree with Kevin, but if you do want FTP then maybe try a proper FTP client rather than IE as they may do what you want. Try maybe FileZilla or CuteFTP. I haven't used either extensively but believe that both can be free and they get mentioned by people who use <ack pft> Windows for something other than games.


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