Hi, I've got a question about portupgrade and something that's happened with 
it a couple of times now. The last 2 times libgda has been upgraded, I've run 
portupgrade -a to upgrade a bunch of ports, including libgda.

The libgda upgrade has caused a re-install of  mysql-client-4, but when 
portupgrade has tried to install mysql-client, it's failed because 
mysql-client is already installed.

The workaround for this is simple enough, delete mysql-client and then run 
portupgrade again, but I'm wondering why this situation occurs - portupgrade 
should see that mysql-client is already installed and not try to install it 
again (or if it needs upgrading, it should deinstall the old version and 
build & install the new version).

/etc/ports/UPDATING doesn't seem to help, there's no mention of either port in 

Perhaps my ports db is screwed up?

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