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I have an important database comprised of about 380 tables and several gigs of space currently running on Posgresql 7.4. and Freebsd 6.0. I have been contemplating moving the database to the 8 series, possibly postgresql 8.1. I would have no problem in dumping the data, recreating the tables under 8.1, if requried, and then re-loading the data. I have been concerned about the seeming lack of interfaces to the 8 series. I have the perly, pythopn, ruby and odbc sources installed for postgresql 7.4. I have not seen similar dirvers for the 8 series in the ports system. Can I continue to use the same drivers with the new database or will I experience some other problems?

Yes ... all of our servers, 4.x and 6.x, are using postgresql81-client, and each of the interfaces you list above are installed over various machines, without any problems ...

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