Peter wrote:
Hi.  I have a question regarding how distfiles become available to the
ports tree.  For example, on freshports it says that a version is
available (since March 28) for a given port.  When I attempt to install
the port ("make install clean") I see that FreeBSD is trying to find
the distfile for the same version but it fails.  When I manually take a
look at the distfile location the version indeed does not exist.  So
how can this happen?

Ports tree out of date?  (doesn't seem overly likely, but...)
Hoster problems?
Newer version exists?
Version change backed out due to security issues?
"   "    "  performance issues?
Distfiles moved ... (see first one above....)
Need better MASTER_SITE variable?

Really, one can only guess. You didn't say _which_
port, for starters.

Bill Fenner does some work on this: see:


Kevin Kinsey

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