Enigma wrote:

I am using FreeBSD 6, and are new to *nix in itself.
I have used the 'pkg_add -r fluxbox' command to
get the fluxbox packages. Although after all my searching on
different sites and asking someone I still cannot find
where these packages would have been installed to,
from using that command. The official fluxbox site
doesn't offer any insight into this either, as I suspect
it may be general knowledge to unix users? Any help
in tracking these down would be greatly appreciated,
as would any help in configuring for base things such
as the konsole.


You can read a lot by trying some of these commands:

$ man ports
$ man pkg_which
$ man pkg_info

    and then using "pkg_which" or "pkg_info" to find
out answers to questions like these.

As a shortcut:

If fluxbox is indeed installed on your system, and
your $PATH environment variable is set in a more or
less standard fashion, then the following should help
you, at least a little bit.

1.  Edit a file in your $HOME directory entitled ".xinitrc".
        (Yes the dot is there and important).  If it is not
        already extant, try this:

        $ echo "exec fluxbox" > ~/.xinitrc

        If you have the file already, you can edit it with
        your $EDITOR, or you can add the line to the end of
        the file by doubling the "redirector" above:  >>

2.  Assuming you've correctly configured your X server, (which
        is a whole other chapter in and of itself), you should
        now be able to type "startx" and the console's shell
        prompt, and have the X server bring fluxbox into
        action when the GUI starts.

As for the location of "fluxbox", it's probably under
  /usr/X11R6/bin/, but I can't say for sure.  If you
  log out and back in, does "whereis fluxbox" work?
  The C shell (and TCSH) need to rebuild your $PATH
  data after installing new programs.  You can issue
  "rehash" after installation, or logout/in as I mentioned.


Kevin Kinsey
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