you can set up the mimetype for your user ($HOME/.mailcap) or globally (/etc/mailcap)

by adding the line "application-smil: /location/of/realplay" to the file.

I guess I'm confused, are you expecting the realplay binary to be in X11R6/bin, or are you confused about where and how to manually set up the mimetype? you can figure out where realplay is by running "which realplay" in a console - as long as the path is set up in the shell's $PATH variable.

Gary Kline wrote:
On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 03:10:01AM +0200, Danny Pansters wrote:
On Tuesday 25 April 2006 02:35, Gary Kline wrote:
        If firefox is supposedly superior to every other browser,
        why, when it sees a realplayer "smil" file, does it pop up
        a rectangle with radio-button  options and a "BROWSE" button?

        I press BROWSE and another frame opens.  I click on X11R6 and
        eventually get to bin, and there the only file I see is
        "xauth".  ...CCan anybody 'splain this?

Set mime types and handlers correctly?

I use KDE and konqueror, but once in a while I have to set some mine type -> handler things and it looks like you got a similar thing.


        Ok, *which* mimetypes?  There are mime files in ~/. and in
        various ~/.mozilla directories?  At least 2 in .mozilla--
one for firefox, one for mozilla. These are named mimeTypes.rdf. Be nice if firefox considered that thhere
        are a few of us old time CLI guys still around!

        With mozilla, there are places to type in specs about the
        "helper" apps; things such as files suffixed with ".smil"
        use realplay.  As do several other files.  Both realplay
        and mplayer can do everything (in theory); I've stuck
        with realplay.

        thanks, Dan, but I'm still lost.


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