I'm currently trying to run:

make CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-pcre-regex \
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--enable-fastcgi \

However, every time I run the command, I get an error about a problem
with apache13.  But I do not want to install apache, because I plan to
use lighttpd instead.

After talking with a couple people in the ##freebsd channel on
freenode.net, I edited my /usr/ports/lang/php5/Makefile so that it read
WITH_APACHE = NO and then ran "make distclean" in both the
/usr/ports/lang/php5 and /usr/ports/www/apache13 directories.  Then I
reran the above command, but make still tried to obtain the apache13
code and ended with an error.

What might I be doing wrong?

Maybe something in /var/db/ports/****
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