> I have FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE.
> It seems there is collision between /etc/defaults/rc.conf and 
> /etc/rc.sendmail in sendmail startup control.
> In /etc/defaults/rc.conf:
> sendmail_enable="NO"    # Run the sendmail inbound daemon (YES/NO).
> In /etc/rc.sendmail:
> "<...>
> start_mta()
> {
>          case ${sendmail_enable} in
>          [Nn][Oo][Nn][Ee])
>                  ;;
> <...>".
> So sendmail doesn't startup during system startup only if there is 
> "sendmail_enable="NONE"" in /etc/rc.conf.
> Maybe I don't understand something?

>From "man rc.sendmail":

             (str) If set to ``YES'', run the sendmail(8) daemon at system
             boot time.  If set to ``NO'', do not run a sendmail(8) daemon to
             listen for incoming network mail.  This does not preclude a
             sendmail(8) daemon listening on the SMTP port of the loopback
             interface.  The ``NONE'' option is deprecated and should not be
             used.  It will be removed in a future release.

There is additional information in that man page about how to further
tweak sendmail's startup.  Recommended reading.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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