Olivier Nicole wrote:

I am at 6.0 with xorg and I cannot remotely use a GUI backup
software ( netvault) because I am not able to use properly the xhost

It is not clear what you can client and what you call server, are you
talking about your backup software: the server is the machine with the
tape drive and the clientis the machine where you sit and look at your
GUI; or about X: the server is the machine where you sit and look at
your GUI and the client is the machine running netvault and having the
tape drive.

Sorry to be unclear

That said:

- can you run xterm on the netvault machine (m1) and display the window on
the machine with 6.0 xorg (m2)?

no I cannot

You need:

- on netvault machine (m1) to setenv DISPLAY m2:0.0

- on 6.0 xorg machine (m2) xhost + m1

that's what I did ... but it has not been working

- are you sure that no firewall are blocking X connection between the 2

yes sure they are on the same LAN



Frank Bonnet

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