On Monday 30 December 2002 12:56 pm, Michael C. Cambria wrote:
> - On a stable system, cvsup a different release (e.g. 5.0 -current)
> into say, /soekris/usr/src.

Why not ~/soekris. Place it in your own home directory under soekris.

> - build everything, setting (if needed?) DESTDIR to somewhere in
> /soekris and MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/soekris/usr/obj

If you can write to /usr/obj/ then buildworld will use /usr/obj/ as the 
prefix and continue with the full path to the sources you are builing. 
Normally you end up with a /usr/obj/usr/src/.... but if you put the 
sources in your own home directory should get something like:

Speaking of which, you know you can buildworld as a mere mortal if you 
can write to $DESTDIR? No need to be root until installworld.

The human mind ordinarily operates at only ten percent of its
capacity -- the rest is overhead for the operating system.

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