On Thursday 27 April 2006 11:55, RW <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Is it any good as a plugin?
> Personally I'm not bothered much by flash movies or eye-candy. The real
> problem as far as I'm concerned is those site that use it for navigation,
> or wont even let you in without a plugin.

Sort of. The more advanced sort of navigation stuff is not working. Links that 
use small .swf files as their images do work. Anyhow, it is better than last 
time around. 

It looks as if the plugin may only work if you've already opened a .swf file 
in the current session, but I am not sure.

Also, as regards sound (for those interested in movies), this from their 
mailing list:

> The problem is that gnash currently only support sound-elements (usually
> small sound-clips), and not sound streams (lnoger and bigger sound-clips).
> We are working on a new gstreamer based solution, but it's not ready yet.
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