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Why?  Mac OS X has a complete unix freebsd-like core called darwin
( http://www.darwin.org ).  There's no reason to install freebsd on
it.  Just install Mac Developer Tools (included in the Applications
folder), compile your favorite progs and go.

Have you actually tried this?  Installing ports from FreeBSD is about
50x easier than getting software compiled/installed on a Mac.  I've
been working with the Macs here at the office for a few weeks, and I've
come to realize just how wonderfully well-maintained FreeBSD's ports

I'd take FreeBSD over MacOS any day.  Perhaps it will get better over
time, but I'm not impressed with it right now.

Depends what you are trying to do but there are two "ports" systems for Mac OS X which make it about (they say) as easy as the FreeBSD ports system. One is called "fink" and the other something like "darwin-ports". Also, many popular packages now exist in precompiled app form or with installer packages.

I use FreeBSD on my servers, except for one Mac based server, and prefer it for my servers. However, for a home based server, I would probably leave the Mac OS X on there. There are all sorts of media advantages and you can easily get the home-server type stuff running and it is supported. In fact, my home-based office also runs off a different Mac OS X server with Mac OS X (and a windows box or two) clients.


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