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That brings up an important point. I would want to hook up a USB2.0 or Firewire hard drive to the machine, either as a boot drive, a backup drive, or both (two drives). How is FreeBSD's support for USB or Firewire? Can one boot from these connections? Is it reliable enough for server use?

We've got a FreeBSD 5.x NFS/Samba/AppleTalk file server at work using Lacie firewire drives (purchased at the local Mac store in keeping with the thread) Works great. Just replaced one of the drives that was starting to report errors during rsync. Drive was about 2 years old. The other drives are still going strong.


Does it boot from Firewire, or is that just for storage? Is the machine a Mac? An Intel Mac?

Sorry, forgot to comment on that. The server is a normal Intel box booting off an ATA drive. The firewire drive are just storage.


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