Duane Whitty wrote:

I'm adding LDAP support to my Sendmail configuration.
I couldn't seem to find the appropriate m4 file in which
to declare my APPENDDEF statements.  My course of
action was to include SENDMAIL_CFLAGS+=-DLDAPMAP
in make.conf.  Does this seem like the correct way to do this
for FreeBSD 6-STABLE?


Duane Whitty
Answering myself:

I gues this isn't correct:

/usr/src/lib/libmilter/../../contrib/sendmail/include/sm/config.h:148:20: lber.h: No such file or directory

/usr/src/lib/libmilter/../../contrib/sendmail/include/sm/config.h:149:20: ldap.h: No such file or directory

mkdep: compile failed
   *** Error code 1

I'll be continuing to work on this but hopefully someone
here will have dealt with this previously

Duane Whitty
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