> recently I discovered problems with my FreeBSD nfs server.
> I mount my /home/user from my linux box via automounter/nfs from my server.
> They are connected with a switch on a 100baseTX Ethernet. Now, whenever
> I copy large files from a local driver to my home dir or do anything
> else that involves moving some bigger amounts of data to my home dir
> the nfs server times out and doesnt respond anymore.
> Any ideas, suggestions would be appreciated,

I could never get NFS to work reliably on Linux. The server here is
slow and needs to be upgraded to newer iron and runs OpenBSD, but
Linux is the only client OS that exhibited these problems. I observed
them always on writing to the server with large files, reads seemed to
work fine, no matter what the file size. I spent considerable time
fiddling with timeouts, cachesizes and so on, this was several months
ago, but I remember thinking this had something to do with the
attribute caching.

I was advised by a Linux guru friend of mine that the kernel NFS on
Linux had multiple problems, and he advised me to use the userland
NFS. I didn't follow this advice, choosing to try FreeBSD instead. So
far, it has worked with minimal problems. Once every couple of weeks,
I start getting NFS Server not responding messages, but switching to
TCP transport seems to have cured that, and provided better
performance as well.

I'm sure this isn't what you wanted to hear, but you might find it


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