the packaging-system (pkg_create, pkg_add) uses the tar
file format for creating/installing packages and some
special files inside the tar.
everything is really fine for me, except the handling
of directories, especially if they're empty! these dir's
never get installed!
if they're not empty, their modes/owners are not being
taken care of and they get installed with the values from
the current user (mostly root) and the current umask.

because of any packaging getting really weird, it does not
make sense to issue hundreds of @mode or @exec chown commands
inside the packing-list. also, i know it's possible to write
install-scripts for everything which also changes the
permissions after installing, but if the stage is setup
correctly, why take care for this twice?

can someone explain, why file-owners/modes, which are set
inside the tarballs are being extracted correctly, and the
directories not?

br & cu...

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