this weekend, im going to have to rebuild my 6.0 server in order to
recover from a faulty disk (i have to eliminate a RAID1 array, and break
rebuild the RAID5 with one more disk).

all my daemons and whatnot, im pretty good at recovering.  sendmail,
apache, mysql, etc, shouldnt be a problem.

what i think i need help with is, what is the best way to recover my
previous system's user accounts?  this time around my server is going to
go from piece-by-piece updates, to a full buildworld before i build all
the daemons.

can someone recommend a good way to recover my users, or dissertate how
they go about doing it successfully?  also, any tips outside of users that
you think i might benefit from in a rebuild/redeploy, would also be

Maybe I'm not fully understanding, but why wouldn't you just backup /etc/passwd (and all it's related master and db files), etc/group, heck, /etc/ in general, then everyone's home directories, /var/cron/tabs and /var/mail (or wherever you store their inbox)

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