I don't use the free AVG on windows: I get McAfee Enterprise for free
through my work.
And the AVG free won't let me turn off the email scanner, which has
~75%-90% crash rates on the machines I've tried it on, requiring me to
reboot before I can attempt to check my email again...

On 4/29/06, John Nielsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Saturday 29 April 2006 09:06, Jim Stapleton wrote:
> Anyone have experience with ClamAV? Good, Bad, Ugly?
> Should I use something else, or is the only good alternative
> pay/expensive (such as avast)?
> Am I better at leaving the antivirus stuff to the Windows machine
> (which has McAfee Enterprise)?

I use ClamAV to scan all incoming e-mail on my mailserver with very good
results.  I haven't ever used it as a file-scanner but I imagine it would
serve adequately.

I frequently use AVG antivirus as well.  Their "free" edition is free to
download and use at home on a single computer.  See
for more info.  The non-free versions are more reasonably priced and (IMO)
in some ways superior to the other Windows AV products I've used, most
notably in ease-of-use and staying up-to-date.


> Background:
> System lags occasionally, and has crashed a few times, and is getting
> disk errors (both HDs, one IDE, one SATA started this at the same
> time). I suspect the motherboard, but can't be certain, could be Mem
> or PSU.
> Could also be virus.
> So, I want to scan my backed up files while reinstalling Windows on
> the other machine, before letting them go back home to play.
> Thanks
> -Jim
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