I am trying to get a GeForce 2 MX 400 to work properly on FreeBSD 4.7.

A few requirements for the "nvidia" drivers are...
(yes the "nv" driver works, but it does not support TV out on X)

Upgrade to FreeBSD 4.7 STABLE or newer.
Upgrade to XFree86 4.2.1_3 server and 4.2.1 binaries or newer.

Here are a few simple questions...
How do I know if I successfully upgraded to 4.7-STABLE?

After I upgraded(downloaded 4.7-STABLE sources using cvsup and chapter 21 instructions), I rebooted and it still said 4.7-RELEASE on startup. What's up with this? Is this really still 4.7 RELEASE?? Or could a mistake in mergemaster have kept this text?


How do I go about updating to the latest and greatest XFree86?
I used cvsup to update the ports collection, but when i started up X flashed up before it started. How do I check what version of XFree86 is installed and what is the correct way of updating it? Thanks.

Also, I am able to boot into X with this driver but after a while it crashes the entire system. Anyone running the nvidia driver with success?
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