Dale Morris wrote:
* Dale Morris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2002-12-28 11:47]:

I'm in the process of setting up 4.7 after being away from FreeBSD for a
while. I'm having trouble with kmix
It's working fine now. Guess I just couldn't find the icon on the start
panel. thanks for all your replys
I have a kmix question since we have a group of kmix users on here.
I notice that some of the "faders" are labelled incorrectly. The ones
that come to mind right now are that the "Microphone" fader is actually
"Record Monitor" (in function) and the "Record Monitor" is actually
"Microphone" (in function). I see no way to change the labelling.

Anyone else seend this? I'm using an ESS Maestro sound system in a laptop.


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