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I have had a problem with installing MySQL 5.0.18 on a FreeBSD v 6.0
where everything seems to compile and install correctly but the
immediately on start up with permission to create/write it's .pid
Then the screen saver daemon refuses to start in X windows with a
permission denied
error. It originally worked fine. But at some point recently the
saver quit working.
When I went to Gnome preferences and tried to set the screen saver I
informed that the screen saver daemon wasn't running. When I tried
have it
start I was presented with the permission denied error and to check
I tried installing MySQL twice, each time with the same problem.
As I understand it, permissions in Unix are part of the file system
The only possible link between MySQL and the screen saver daemon,
possibly, is the
mysql user needed to run mysqld.

Could I have a corrupted file system in such a way as to cause
permission problems?

thanks in advance.

Are you starting MySQL with the script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ upon

Boy that was fast, I just posted this message a moment ago...
No I was just testing it using the mysqld_safe --user=mysql &

It won't work that way.

Sorry, yes it does work that way. I've done this on another
machine running the same version of FreeBSD and the instruction
specifically specify to start the daemon this way to test the install.
(I installed from source on both machines using the same source
Every time I start this machine I start MySQL manually this way.
(Since this is a production server, it is up continuously and
it doesn't have Xwindows installed)
 I made the same mistake once myself. You might
have introduced another problem however. The files created in
'/var/db/mysql' [probable have the wrong permissions set on them.
This is a possibility, I'll check it out.

The easiest fix would be to just remove that directory and then start
mysql properly. Usually '/usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server start' should
do the trick. The directories will be build correctly.

At then end of the build of mysql are directions for creating users.
do that after mysql has been started.
not according to the instruction in the INSTALL-SOURCE.
 If you no longer have that
information, I can supply you with it.
I'm confused as to the class of user to assign mysql to.
It shouldn't be a user that anyone can login as, nor have
it's own home dir or login shell should it? adduser asks
and expects answers to all these questions. I don't recall
what I did on the machine that is running mysql. I guess
I could look at the password file on that machine to get
some idea.
Since the machine that won't start MySQL also has
XWindows intalled, the kdm login prompt list mysql
as a user that can log into a windowing session.
That shouldn't be necessary at all. That is why I
think the issue with the screen saver daemon
is connected to this.

Just out of curiosity, are you installing MySQL from the ports system? I
am just wondering because I have never had to take any extraneous steps
to get MySQL up and running. After installing from ports, I would just
run the script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d and things would work fine.
Obviously, I had to place the mysql_enable="YES" notation in
/etc/rc.conf prior to starting MySQL. After that I would just create the
passwords, etc.
No, I installed it from a source tarball following the INSTALL-SOURCE
instructions, the O'Reilly book, MySQL Reference Manual, and ./configure --help
I did this on two machines with AMD64 processors and FreeBSD v6.0 from
a packaged cd set. On both machines, I installed from the same source tarball One has been successful with MySQL and the other not. I have installed several other non trivial software packages from the same source tarballs on both machines and they all went through with glitches that I was able to correct or work around.

I guess there are more than one way to skin a cat.

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