Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
On 2006-04-28 05:07, Duane Whitty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Duane Whitty wrote:
Duane Whitty wrote:
I'm adding LDAP support to my Sendmail configuration.  I couldn't seem
to find the appropriate m4 file in which to declare my APPENDDEF
statements.  My course of action was to include
SENDMAIL_CFLAGS+=-DLDAPMAP in make.conf.  Does this seem like the
correct way to do this for FreeBSD 6-STABLE?

That would be `/etc/make.conf'.

No, you probably want something similar to the way SASL2 support is
compiled into the base-system version of Sendmail.  In my `make.conf'
I have the following:

    SENDMAIL_CFLAGS=        -I/usr/local/include -DSASL=2
    SENDMAIL_LDFLAGS=       -L/usr/local/lib
    SENDMAIL_LDADD=         -lsasl2

While adding stuff to these variables please keep in mind that GCC on
FreeBSD has a major difference from the default GCC behavior: it does *not*
add /usr/local/include to the default include path or /usr/local/lib to the
default library search path.  So you will have to add them yourself, as
shown above.

- Giorgos


Thank you Giorgos, this is the right direction.
Your example was most fortuitous, maybe even
prescient. ;)

LDAP support in Sendmail requires that SASL
support also be built in.

My /etc/make.conf now contains

SENDMAIL_CFLAGS=        -I/usr/local/include -DSASL=2 -DLDAPMAP
SENDMAIL_LDFLAGS=       -L/usr/local/lib
SENDMAIL_LDADD=         -lsasl2 -lldap -llber

sendmail -d0.1 -bt now includes LDAPMAP and USE_LDAP_INIT

Thanks for your help.


Duane Whitty
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