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> "fbsd" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Does anyone have a script that does this, that they can share?
> It will be pretty similar to the script I posted recently for 
> updating your local named's forwarders list automatically.  
> [Which is another approach to the same problem, and will 
> generally perform better.]
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> > > I would like to know how I can propagate the dns servers which the
> > dhcp
> > > client puts in resolv.conf to dhcpd.  I only see how I can only 
> > > explicitly list a domain server with "option domain-name-servers".
> > How
> > > do I propogate non static dns servers?
> > 
> > Write a script to updated the dhcpd.conf file when resolv.conf 
> > changes.  dhclient allows you to create hooks that 
> automagically run a 
> > script of your choosing when a new lease is obtained.
> > 
> > Or you could search the list archives for when this exact 
> question was 
> > asked a few weeks ago.
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man dhclient-script

and my enter and exit scripts below from my home boxen

NB I use ddclient from ports to update dns stuff at dyndns.org and the
example.com should be replaced with your domain name in the enter-hooks

These are not totally automatic in what they do, as I prefer to 'see and
certain changes from my ISP so that is the reason for the email

Murray Taylor

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