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> Eric Anderson wrote:
> >This thread:
> >
> >
> >
> >mentions a patch to disable the boot manager beep, and also
> >discusses having it optional.  I don't have enough asm-fu to make
> >that option happen, but I can tell you, that on laptops, that
> >beep is really annoying, and amazingly loud.  Is this just
> >waiting for an able minded person to code up the options and
> >submit?
> Someone tell me how to use patch and I'll give it a shot. I sure
> as hell hate that stupid pc speaker beep notification.

What you need to do (for hand editing) is -- according to the patch,
around 204 (in v1.14 2005/02/08 20:43:04) where 'main.10:' appears
-- remove "movb $ASCII_BEL,%al" after "main:10:", delete the line
"callw putchr", join the line "xorb %ah,%ah" with "main.10:".
Then compile & install the new version.

I hand edited the file (/usr/src/sys/boot/i386/boot0/boot0.S) based
on the given patch; did building|installing of world & kernel; on
reboot of Dell Inspiron 5000e laptop, there still was a beep.  So
the patch did not work for me.  Did i miss something?

  - Parv


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