On Monday 01 May 2006 12:28, Nick Withers wrote:

> Understandably, too. Other files are served fine, to your
> knowledge?

I think something a little like it has happened before - but I was in a real 
rush to meet a deadline and didn't have time to take notice of the 

At the moment no other files are a problem.

> Maybe the NIC? Now I'm really starting to stab in the dark!

Do you mean the network card? Wow, that does seem desperate! But clutching at 
straws... how would I go about checking it?

But since it's only one file that this is happening to I'm inclined to look 
for the problem in something about the file. That's why I mentioned the long 
complicated journey it's been on in my first message - osx, freebsd, winnt, 
solaris and back again via ethernet, wireless, usb flash, ftp...

Running out of ideas and the will to live ;-)

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