One of benefits of the BSD's at least my BSD, the Free one, is anyone can get a
pretty cool workstation by doing:

    pkg_add -r xorg
    pkg_add -r kde[-lite]
    pkg_add -r  anything-else-that-strikes-my-fancy

with a couple of configuration commands in between. I suspect the Linux people
that use RPM will have the same comment. Frankly it never occurred to me to do
anything else. If there is a package link from the FreeBSD site, in the future,
that is what I will use, and deal with any problems that arise. This because I
trust that the FreeBSD port/package maintainers will have taken care of any
platform differences. Over the years, the committers have certainly earned that

I have no such confidence with OOo. Unlike X[org] I do not have to have it so,
if after I learn to use it, on going installs are more trouble that I deem them
to be worth, I will lose it.

My only comments were to thank the poster who mentioned the package, perhaps he
got it from the "approved" site; and to suggest to the FreeBSD maintainers OOo
would get more use if there was a wrapper port (named per chance openoffice)
that would just do the right thing.

There have been a few products that were so good they overcame all obstacles to
their use. Perhaps OOo is one. I do not mean this to be rant, it is just my
opinion with a mild plea to the FreeBSD package maintainers.

This thread dies here. I just felt I should explicitly explain what I tried to
say the first time and to thank the folks that tried to guide me to the correct

On Mon, 1 May 2006, Donald J. O'Neill wrote:

> I don't understand what the problem is that you all are having. Yes I
> do, you're not using a procedure that works well.
> If you want the latest Openoffice binary package, which is 2.0.2, you
> trundle your web browser over to here:
> Click on the green box that says: "Get version 2.0.2"
> which redirects you to:
> When you get to this
> page, you click on the box that says: "Download" which
> gets you to a page where you select your language, OS, and download
> site. If you did it correctly, that "download site" clickdown box will
> have "FreeBSD page" in it when selected. This will take you to another
> page, here you select the "Continue to Download" box which takes you to
> the actual site where you get to pick what you want to download.
> Maybe you can go straight to it by using this URL:
> Once you get there, download the darn thing and install it
> using "pkg_add <whatever the name is> or using "pkg_add -v <whatever
> the name is>.
> Oh, I almost forgot, this is how you get a binary package that was built
> for Freebsd 5.5 or 6.1
> Don

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