At 02:56 AM 12/27/02, you wrote:
On Thursday 26 December 2002 03:35 am, Philip J. Koenig wrote:
> Once upon a time it was said that one of the cool things about
> Portupgrade, was that you could use it to upgrade itself.
> ("portupgrade -{|r|R} portupgrade")
> But this never worked for me - caused all sorts of weird Ruby and
> dependency problems, orphaned Ruby shim thingies, etc.
> So I got into the habit of completely removing Portupgrade and
> everything associated with it including all the Ruby stuff, and
> reinstalling them all, in order to upgrade. (it was the only way that
> worked for me)
> Have things improved in the meantime?  Is there an easy way to
> upgrade Portupgrade without removing everything and re-installing?  I
> currently have the 20020706 version installed.

You version is so far back that the upgrade is hopeless. You have things
that no long exist as parts of portupgrade and your version can't deal
with that. It is easier if you delete the portupgrade, ruby-*,
pkg_tartup, and what ever is left and reinstall it.

FWIW, it works flawlessly now. I just recently upgraded to the 1216
version by using "portupgrade -rpuf ruby".
Just out of curiosity, wouldn't 'portupgrade -rR portupgrade' work as well?


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