J.D. Bronson wrote:
I have apache2.2 and running http only for now.
All is running fine, but I noticed that once a page comes up..as soon
as I click a link, I see this in the 'access.log' file for apache:

www.wixb.com - - [28/Jan/2006:11:55:12 -0600] "GET /" 400 456
www.wixb.com - - [28/Jan/2006:11:55:13 -0600] "GET /" 400 456

this happens right after clicking ANY link whatsoever...but all the pages come up fine.

Any tips on trying to figure this out?

there is nothing in the error.log file...

What exactly is the issue? Are you talking about there being 2 entries in the access.log for the same click? I cant understand what you are trying to say.


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