Quoted from PR i386/96661:
> I'm using dell 8200. I'm trying to configure the DHCP server ,
> It's not working.
> In my Dmesg there was something like Giant Locked and I'm unable
> to connect to the internet.
> Thanks

Hello Faris,

you'll get better results if you send a mail with your issue to one of the FreeBSD mailing lists[1], in this case [EMAIL PROTECTED] The problem report database is a platform for solving specific problems that are already encircled. Your problem seems to be very general.

You should tell the *accurate* error message from your log file if you want useful feedback. Furthermore it looks like that you have more than one problem. Setting up a DHCP server doesn't make sense if networking doesn't work properly. I would deal with this at first.

How did you configured your network adapter in /etc/rc.conf? What's the configuration of your LAN? Show the output of "ifconfig" and "netstat -r". After you've told this, then somebody might be able to give advise.


Regards Björn

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