On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 11:28:46AM +0000, Arno Schleich wrote:
> Kris,
> thank You for Your advice. I already had tried that before writing to the 
> list.
> make deinstall
> and
> make install clean
> for glib-2.10.2
> do not change anything. The same error in the configuration script kept 
> recurring in a pretty monotonous fashion.
> Tried gnomelogalyzer - but it "cannot the determine the reason of build 
> failure".
> ldconfig -r shows the library is in the loader path yet applications using 
> it fail at runtime. Gnome desktop and some applications keep working, 
> albeit very slow ...
> Btw, how can get parts of it "somehow" deleted by executing automated 
> scripts. This seems like a big glitch in the system akin to the infamous 
> blue screen ...
> To be honest, it doubt this is the origin of my problem. I had also tried 
> to deinstall glib-2.10.2 and have an application which depends on it 
> install it while the dependencies are resolved. This installed glib-2.10.2 
> perfectly but failed to configure the build of the application as above.

Show us the errors, don't just give partial descriptions.


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