Brent wrote:

I just upgraded a server of mine to the 5.4 release & noticed that maillogs &
cron logs are now being zipped into bz2 compressed files. I know this is a
stupid question but what do use on the system to unpack these files ? so i cn
look at logs ...

thank you

The file command is your friend,

bash-2.05b# file /usr/log/auth.log.0.bz2
/usr/log/auth.log.0.bz2: bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k

bash-2.05b# man bzip2
       bzip2, bunzip2 - a block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.2
       bzcat - decompresses files to stdout
       bzip2recover - recovers data from damaged bzip2 files

etc..... Check out  "man apropos"  and  "man man"

Three times when I first started using FreeBSD I got a response to a posted question that consisted solely of

"man <something>"

from John Polstra (the name drop is on purpose, I didn't know who was being so kind to me at the time, he was very "patient". I was fortunate).

Then I wised up and I started every evening after dinner, running through /bin /sbin /usr/bin and /usr/sbin. Put each program name through man and read what it said. Then I started looking through /etc.... Learned a lot, not enough, but a lot. Most of what you need to know is already on a Unix system.


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