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Now, the problem is that
at boot time - after logging in the MS-windows client -  windows 2000
or NT clients present the user with a pop-up window asking for a
password to connect to the public share (I created the 'pcguest'
freebsd user as a passwordless user and to 'smbpasswd pcguest' I didn't
provide any password at all!). Clicking on OK the share is immediatedly
connected and it all works. Nonetheless the pop-up window asking for a
password is somewhat disturbing.
By the way, windows XP clients don't
seem to suffer from the same problem. They connect to the share
smoothly, without asking anything as expected!

Check the samba logs, I suspect the NT client is trying to auth as
"DOMAIN\user" instead of just "user". That doesn't work because the
samba server is not part of a domain; when you click OK the NT client
is sending a new auth as just "user". I've seen this on Win2k clients.

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