My FreeBSD box has been unresponsive for almost an hour.  It will not
respond to keyboard, SSH, ping, etc. or switch terminal via ALT-F# . It is, among other things, a Samba server for our house, and I had
started a large (10GB cumulative) file transfer to the server from a
Windows XP machine on the network.  When I got home today, the XP box
had gone on Standby and presumably finished the transfer (no errors)
but from that point on I was not able to get any response from the
FreeBSD machine.

It was running several daemons at this point: mysql-d, samba,
apache21, and perhaps an FTP server as well, but I'm pretty sure this
transfer was only significant process during that time.  This has
happened several times without these daemons but usually lasted only a

Hardware: Pentium 4, 1G RAM.  The share was on a mobo-controlled SATA RAID0.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have before I suck it up and restart!

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