> - Second integrated NIC: Marvell Yukon EC88E8050 - nothing about this  
we're using the same driver (from marvell directly) under 6.1-RC2 and
it works smoothly. you only have to cp if_myk.ko to your kernel dir,
and load it with loader.conf or later on with kldload... (we have an
intel SE7320VP2D2 board, should be exactly the same chipset from marvell).

take care for the following issue: intel has some ipmi-remote-lan-console
stuff, which configures an ip address and sends arp-requests if you
activate it or not. there are non-public ipmi-tools available from 
intel support, if you encounter such behaviour.

- Intel ICH5R SATA controller. Also not explicitly noted in hardware  
notes, at least not in 'Disk controllers' section. Couldn't find  
anything definitive by googling. I'm not interested in possible RAID  
features, would it work if I just connected a single SATA disk to this  
it's not really supported, but you can use atacontrol to write good
metadata (again, thx 2 soren ;-)) and get this thing running (sw-raid).
we have an ICH6R inside of a hp dl320 g4, works well, except pulling
hdd's and replacing them while being up, will render the new disk unknown
until a reboot has occurred (raid sync has to be done manually, but works).

our board works fine (except a current issue with a malloc-panic, but i'm
sure that's an issue of configuration, not supported hardware ;-)

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