On 4/14/06, Rostislav Krasny <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> About a month ago UTF-8 locale stopped working in my xterm.

I experience the same problem after the xterm port had been updated
from 206 to 210 version. As a workaround you can either: downgrade to
xterm-206 or use uxterm. I'm suspecting following change of xterm-209:

amend change for loading utf8Fonts resource from patch #204 to allow an
ISO-8859-1 "normal" font to be combined with an ISO-10646 font if the
latter is given via the -fw option or its corresponding resource value.

But I'm not sure. I've already contacted with Thomas Dickey
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, the xterm author, and sent him a trace file of
manually built xterm-212. I hope he will localize and fix the bug before
the next xterm release.

xterm-213 seems to fix it all. Yeeehaa.
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