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> Subject: Re: UML editor on FreeBSD - need recommendation

> On 5/2/06, Gayn Winters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Would anyone please recommend a graphical UML editor to run 
> on FreeBSD?
> > I'd install an appropriate GUI for it.
> Personally, I use Poseidon from Gentleware.
> You can find it in the ports system under java/poseidon.

> > Ideally it would support UML 3.0 and the emerging system engineering
> > profile SysML.
> As stated at http://www.uml.org/, the latest UML standard is 2.0. Am I
> missing something?
> I think Poseidon doesn't support SysML at the moment.

Thanks!  My error.  UML 2.0 is the latest.  I'm not sure about the
latest version of XMI for interchange; however, googling for << SysML
Poseidon >> gets several hits that seem to indicate that Poseidon can
import an XMI description of SysML, and hence it will support SysML. (I
don't understand how graphics are interchanged.) This is probably true
for any UML editor that is keeping up with UML and XMI, but I'm learning
as I go.  See for example,

I assume the port java/poseidon is the "community edition" of Poseidon,
i.e. the free and somewhat stripped down edition.
(http://gentleware.com/edcompare.0.html) I take it you find it adequate.
Does the port depend on any particular GUI?  Is the performance ok under
FreeBSD's Java?

I found the following list of UML editors useful
The following link has interesting comments/opinions on this topic:
It in turn has a link to one vendor's idea of a list of criteria for a
UML editing tool:

Any other recommendations for a UML editor?  Anyone using UML to
specify/model a large system to be developed under FreeBSD?  Anyone been
able to generate executable code from UML under FreeBSD?


Bristol Systems Inc.

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