Yuan, Jue wrote:
On Wednesday 03 May 2006 22:52, you wrote:
I'm trying to set up a new laptop, and I have an odd problem.  The
laptop has a Broadcomm NetXtreme 57xx Gig Nic, and the install didn't
recognize it.  The GENERIC kernel has support for the NIC (bge and
miibus), and I've done several installs on other hardware that detected
the NIC just fine, but this one doesn't.  There's nothing in dmesg, and
ifconfig only shows lo0.

How do I correct this problem?

Does any other OS on this laptop could recognize the NIC ? Maybe it is
a problem of hardware ;)

It's a dual boot machine. Windows XP recognizes the NIC just fine, but *not* with the default drivers that come with XP SP2. I had to install the drivers from Dell.

Maybe there's something different about this NIC?

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