>       My version of  gcc  doesn't work (reports errors in code that
> compiles elsewhere).  Where can I go to download a later version of
> GNU  code for  gcc  &  gdb  suitable for a  FreeBSD  system?  I went to
> the  GNU  site but all I found there was source code ( .c  &  .h ),
> useless without a working compiler.  Also, even if I had found a
> working binary, how would I know if it is for  FreeBSD ,  LINUX ,
> Solaris , or some other system? Are there inexpensive but good working
> commercial compilers suitable for a  FreeBSD  system?  If so, what are
> they and how can their distributors be contacted?  What about shareware
> or freeware?

I can't believe that FreeBSD's gcc version "doesn't work".
It's more likely that your code needs libraries you don't have,
or your system's memory is corrupt. Hard to tell without knowing
the error message.

Switching the compiler wouldn't solve these problems. 

Anyway you can find different gcc versions in the ports collection.
If your compiler really is broken, you could install them as package.


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